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This course is an intensive, comprehensive introduction to the chemistry of carbon and its importance to biological molecules. Topics include current ideas of bonding and structure, major reaction mechanisms and pathways, a discussion of the analytical tools used to determine the structure and stereochemistry of organic compounds.
Содержание курса

1. The current state of the theory of chemical structure.

2. Influence of atoms in molecules.

3. Acid-Base properties of organic compounds.

4. Active particles in organic reactions.

5. Mechanisms of organic reactions.

6. Substitution reactions.

7. Addition and elimination reactions.

8. Tautomerism and dual reactivity.

9. Rearrangement reactions.

Laboratory Works:

1. Distillation under atmospheric pressure, recrystallization, TLC.

2. Distillation under vacuum, extraction.

3. Synthesis of fluorescent dye.

4. Synthesis of Porphyrin.

5. Synthesis of Pyrrole.

6. Synthesis of polymer nanoperticles.

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