Engineer (Synthetic Organic Chemist)

The Department of Physics and Engineering invites an engineer for the project "Synthesis of nanocomposite ink and development of application methods for creating CIGS type solar cells" to its team. The project aims to create CIGS solar cells by printed methods. To achieve the goal, the development of nanocomposite ink synthesized by the solvatothermal method with the heated injection method is underway. At the current stage, methods are being developed on a laboratory scale. In the process, it is necessary to both develop the synthesis methods themselves and work with methods for analyzing the results obtained, as well as create solar cells by printing methods and measure their output characteristics. Several patents and publications are planned for the project.


  • Work in a chemical laboratory with metal-organic synthesis;
  • Independent work with laboratory equipment after instructions;
  • Independent analysis of the literature when planning an experiment;
  • Participation in the techniques for applying CIGS films development;
  • Samples (Optical methods, XRD, SEM, ICPE) measurements . Some of the measurements are done jointly with the engineering team;
  • Experiments to create a laboratory prototype of a ready-made CIGS solar cell;
  • Product synthesis in the required amount;
  • Laboratory notebook maintaining and participating in the formation of the report;
  • Preparation of results for publication;
  • Applying for grants, scholarships, awards;
  • Department work reult presentation at conferences and meetings;
  • Synthesis techniques correction and joint planning with the head of the labaratory.



  • Basic chemical and / or physical education;
  • Good marks in specialized subjects;
  • Experience in scientific group work or research project on a related subject (it will be your advantage);
  • Experience of speaking at the conferences;
  • Origin, labview operating skills will be an advantage;
  • Knowledge of English at least B1 (Intermediate);
  • Chemical laboratory work experience (preferably organic synthesis);
  • Theoretical knowledge in the field of chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, chemical technology;
  • Experience of working with scientific literature;
  • Experience in the work results presentation as reports and presentations;
  • IR, XRD, SEM, ICPE, Raman results operating skills will be an advantage;
  • Publications in scientific journals will be an advantage;
  • Initiative;
  • Results oriented;
  • Communication skills;
  • Operational thinking.



  • Work on high-tech modern laboratory equipment at ITMO on Lomonosov 9 in the PeroLab laboratory;
  • Work with chemical reagents;
  • Flextime;
  • Overtime work when the deadline is close; 
  • Young and friendly team of professionals;
  • Charitable atmosphere;
  • Constant new skills and knowledge acquisition;
  • Communication with recognized experts in the subject area, high degree of colleagues  professionalism, international collaborations;
  • Opportunity to suggest ideas and be heard;
  • International conferences participation;
  • Highly rated world scientific journals publications;
  • Corporate English for employees;
  • Corporate events;
  • Opportunities for professional development and salary growth.
Under discussion (depending on the involvement in the project)
Duration of employment
1 year renewable

Russia, Saint Petersburg, Lomonosova st., 9