PhD student (Topological photonics)

Research Area

Topological photonics. During the recent years our group has established its expertise in the area of topological photonics which opens up a fascinating perspective of disorder-robust light routing and localization. Our recent studies include topological states of quantum light, higher-order topological states from microwaves to the visible and retrieval of topological invariants from the far field. Our broader research interests also include other problems of theoretical nanophotonics such as spatially dispersive (nonlocal) response of metamaterials. Overview of the results of our group on topological photonics: 



PhD project will be related to the rapidly evolving area of topological photonics. The research will include analytical studies, numerical simulations and close collaboration with the experimental team at the Department. At the same time, PhD student will be involved in the international collaboration with the leading experts all over the world with the possibility to attend international conferences and visit international collaborators from the first year of PhD. The results of research will be published in highly cited international journals such as Nature Photonics, Nature Communications, Laser & Photonics Reviews and Physical Review Letters.

PhD Advisor Dr. Maxim Gorlach, Assistant Professor 

1. Work on current research projects and presentation of the results in prestigious international journals;
2. Presentation of the results at scientific seminars and conferences;
3. Educational activities (part-time tuition of the Bachelor-level students);
4. Collaboration with the experimental team, interpretation of experimental results.

1. Application for grants and personal scholarships.



  1. Previous research experience in the related area of Physics.
  2. At least one publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
  3. Good level of English (Upper Intermediate or higher).
  4. Prior experience with such software packages as: Mathematica /Matlab/Python and Latex.
  5. Solid background in classical electrodynamics and quantum mechanics.    

Nice to have

  1. Good presentation skills.
  2. Prior experience with such software packages as CST Microwave Studio or Comsol Multiphysics.
  3. Strong background in quantum optics. 


  • world-class level of research evidenced by our publications in such journals as Nature Photonics, Nature Communications, Laser & Photonics Reviews, Physical Review Letters and others;
  • young and professional team at the Department, friendly atmosphere;
  • established collaboration with the leading researchers all over the world: USA, Europe, Asia and Australia as well as industrial partners;
  • possibility of business trips to the conferences or to the collaborators starting from the first year of PhD;
  • the possibility to increase salary during PhD studies by receiving the grants aimed at PhD students. PhD students actively working in our Department have typically very high success rate.
  • strong internal corporate culture: volleyball, table tennis, corporate English for employees as well as New Year Party and other.
  • work in the historical center of Saint Petersburg.
Description File
Depends on the results of the interview
Duration of employment
From 1 September 2021

Lomonosova st., 9, Saint Petersburg, Russia