Professor in the «Electrodynamics of continuous media» science

ITMO University Department of Physics and Engineering invites you to join the young and rapidly developing team of like-minded teachers in the discipline "Electrodynamics of continuous media".

ITMO University Department of Physics and Engineering is a creative synergy of honorary professors, ambitious scientists, and students. In a decade of joint work, we have grown from a small laboratory into a large international scientific center, where the most relevant scientific directions are developed, and educational programs are implemented.


• conducting sessions on the discipline "Electrodynamics of Continuous Media" within the general section "Theoretical Physics";
• coordination between the content of lectures and practical classes in cooperation with seminarians;
• development and approval of control forms, material preparation for DWP;
• control of the educational process and attestation of students;
• the development of a detailed course program is carried out in cooperation with the leader of the educational program and specialized professors based on the content of standard courses of improved quality;
• students: 3rd year bachelor's degree (5 semester), after the "Electrodynamics"  theoretical course in the 4th semester;
• education types: lectures (double period per week) and practical exercises (seminars, double period per week), 16 academic weeks.


• higher physical or mathematical education;
• teacher work experience in the discipline "Electrodynamics of continuous media" is required for at least 3 years;
• scientific degree would be an asset;  
• active scientific work (publications in indexed journals with a good rating), ideally related to electrodynamics, is encouraged;
• knowledge of English not lower than Upper Intermediate;
• developed communication skills;
• broad outlook in natural science and engineering and technology;
• share our values and principles.


• young, international friendly team;
• the academic volume load by arrangement;
• the possibility of work with scientific groups published in highly rated scientific journals;
• the possibility of conducting additional programs for quick studied;
• the possibility of continuous professional development (seminars, internships and paid trainings);
• corporate English for employees;
• developed system of academic mobility;
world-class events and conferences;
• corporate English for employees;
• work in the historical center of St. Petersburg;
• annual paid holiday;
• social package: official employment, recreation in a corporate out-of-town health center, events for employees and their children, etc.


Saint Petersburg, Lomonosova, 9