The leader of the educational program at the ITMO Department of Physics and Engineering

ITMO University Department of Physics and Engineering is a young and rapidly developing department created based on and in partnership with the International Research Center of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials. The task of the department is to provide students with a fundamental and relevant education in the field of modern physics, which is in demand both in Russia and at the world level. Our alumnae easily find positions in leading foreign universities, as well as successfully conduct fundamental and applied research at the department in various fields of physics and engineering. The department actively cooperates with the best physics and mathematics schools in St. Petersburg and Russia, which ensures a high level of training for applicants.

The department conducts several educational programs:
• "Applied Physics" bachelor's program;
• "Nanophotonics and metamaterials", "Physics of semiconductors" (in cooperation with Ioffe Institute), "Radio frequency systems and devices", "Quantum materials" (in cooperation with the University of Iceland) international master's programs;
• a postgraduate training program in cooperation with leading foreign universities;
• programs of work with schoolchildren of leading schools in St. Petersburg focused on physics and mathematics.


The main task of the leader is to maintain the high quality of the educational process, as well as develop new educational programs:
• informative content of the EP;
• formation of the EP team;
• building educational paths;
• selection and communication with teachers;
• monitoring and analysis of the educational process at EP;
• consultation and communication with students;
• development of modern educational technologies within the program;
• the leader of the educational program is responsible for its content.

The tasks do not include the problems of document flow – program paperwork is completely taken over by the dean's office.


• basic physical or mathematical education;
• doctoral or candidate of science degree in physical and mathematical sciences;
• teaching experience of at least 1 year in Russian or foreign universities;
• administrative experience is welcome, but not key;
• availability of publications over the past three years in topical areas of modern science;
• possible / wishful combination with scientific activities at the department;
• share our principles and values.

Modern fundamental education in Russia is faced with several objective difficulties. The readiness to overcome them together with the active staff of the Department of Physics and Engineering is one of the main requirements for the leader of the educational program.


• young and friendly team, charitable atmosphere;
• solving non-standard tasks, working in an interdisciplinary team;
• communication with recognized experts in the subject area;
• work on high-tech modern laboratory equipment;
• world-class events and conferences;
• corporate English for employees;
• creative approach to problem solving;
• work in the historical center of St. Petersburg;
• corporate events;
• annual paid holiday;
• social package: official employment, recreation in a corporate out-of-town health center, events for employees and their children, etc.

200 000 rubles and more
1–3 years

Saint-Petersburg, Lomonosova, 9